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Biden Outed on Twitter for Lies about Gas Prices

Biden Outed on Twitter for Lies about Gas Prices

( – On November 6, President Joe Biden tweeted that the “most common” gas price in the US was $3.19 a gallon. But Twitter’s community fact checkers, Birdwatch, found this was a confusing statement. They clarified why the price might not match what Americans see at their local pumps.

The Birdwatch box explained the wording in the tweet was important. Biden used “most common” instead of “average” to describe the price of fuel. Most common is the mode, which takes all numbers in a set and uses the one that occurs the most. In this situation, the president’s figure threw out states with exceptionally high pricing.

The fact checkers’ reply also provided additional sources for information explaining current gas pricing and why politicians made use of the mode over the average, especially when gas prices were high. The average price on the day of Biden’s tweet was $3.80. The majority of states had costs running between $3.50 and $4.00 per gallon. Given it was the week before midterms, the Commander in Chief would want to use the lower figure.

Biden’s claim wasn’t necessarily incorrect. Still, people could see it as misleading, which is why the group of fact-checkers issued the correction and added more information to help readers understand the actual situation.

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