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Biden Says Ron DeSantis Is

Biden Says Ron DeSantis Is “Trump Incarnate”

( – Some indications point to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gearing up as a potential candidate for president in 2024. For now, however, he is facing off against Democrat Charlie Crist to win another term as governor. Despite his national fame and possible political ambitions, not everyone supports DeSantis, and President Joe Biden voiced some harsh criticism of the Republican.

On November 1, Biden spoke at a reception for Crist, who is hoping to win the Florida gubernatorial race. The president called it “one of the most important races” in this election cycle.

Biden claimed the Republican party has changed for the worse and is no longer what it used to be. He went after DeSantis, saying he would harm the people of Florida because he’s against gay rights, opposes environmental legislation, and spoke out against the infrastructure bill that would have provided many benefits for the state. He claimed DeSantis is “Donald Trump incarnate,” and someone the Democrats must defeat to save democracy.

On the other hand, Biden said Crist has “enormous integrity.” He claimed the candidate treats everyone well and will stand up for an agenda that protects constitutional rights and freedoms. The president voiced that Crist has the character needed to lead and said Florida needs to get “on the right side of history again.”

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