Biden’s Health Could Lead to 25th Amendment

Biden's Health Could Lead to 25th Amendment

( – Cognitive decline is a common condition in the elderly. The CDC states memory loss and confusion are the earliest symptoms.

At age 78, President Joe Biden is the oldest person ever elected to the office, and many have remarked publicly about instances where the president has shown the common dementia symptoms in public forums. Although members of his party downplay the allegations, there are concerns the use of the 25th Amendment could be imminent.

Former Clinton Advisor Speaks Out

On July 11, 2021, Dick Morris, a political strategist and advisor to former President Bill Clinton, spoke out about Biden’s reported cognitive decline on WABC 770 AM radio program. He stated he’d heard rumors from inside the White House that Biden’s mental health is deteriorating. His alleged dementia is more noticeable now and harder for them to hide.

Morris believes the 25th Amendment will be inevitable, and he also believes Biden officials are leaking stories to the press about Harris’ inability to run the country in hopes they can stop her from invoking it.

Invoking 25th Amendment

The 25th Amendment provides the framework for removing a sitting president from office in the event of incapacity. Section 3 allows the president to step down on his own by submitting a written notice to Congress.

If he cannot do so or refuses to do so, Section 4 allows the vice president and executive department heads to ask Congress to transfer powers upon written notice. If the president objects, Congress may remove him from office with a 2/3 vote in each chamber.

To use this process, Harris, and others making the request would need to show proof Biden is no longer mentally fit to handle the duties of serving as the president.

Examples of Biden’s Episodes

People with dementia may have good and bad days, which some think is why the White House carefully choreographs the president’s public appearances and only allows screened questions from the press. There are multiple examples of slips and other issues that could point to cognitive problems.

The most recent was at the G7 summit when he continually mixed up Libya and Syria. The Prime Minister of England also had to correct Biden when he made accusations that the PM forgot to introduce the South African President when, in fact, he had already done so. In a discussion about economic assistance, the president kept saying food assistance.

On June 14, Republican House members sent Biden a letter requesting he undergo cognitive testing. They shared some of the reasons for their concern, including instances of Biden appearing to forget names, confusing Air Force One and Two, and misquoting the Declaration of Independence. In addition, they stated his “general forgetfulness and cognitive difficulties” have gotten worse over the past year.

The Future of the Biden Presidency

In June a national poll conducted of 1086 likely voters showed the majority felt Biden is not properly executing his duties as president. The breakdown was on party lines:

  • 32% democrats
  • 84% republicans
  • 59% independents

The administration’s support is not on solid ground with the American public, but the White House seems to be doing little to correct the situation. For example, when asked about the status of a mental checkup, they indicated he has a regular physical checkup later in 2021.

This leaves little clarity on whether the president will be transparent about his health and prove his mental faculties are still sharp. Meanwhile, people are left to wonder whether or not a push towards invoking the 25th Amendment looms on the horizon. Either way, the current concerns regarding Biden potentially creates a credibility gap on the global stage.

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