Biden Makes Disturbing Claim About Mixed Couples

Biden Makes Disturbing Claim About Mixed Couples

( – June 1, 2021, marked the 100th anniversary of a truly horrifying event called the Tulsa Race Massacre. What started with a simple elevator ride ended with burned and looted black businesses and homes, numerous seriously injured people, and as many as 300 deaths.

On this year’s anniversary, President Joe Biden gave a speech in Tulsa to reflect on the incident and look at race relations in the nation currently. Still, things went a little off-track when he started talking about soap commercials.

Biden asked those over age 50 in the crowd how often they used to see interracial couples on television commercials. The audience laughed, unsure of his intention. He quickly shot back, “Not a joke,” and repeated the phrase. Continuing, he explained that about half of all commercials now show mixed-race couples, which he insinuated was a clear reflection of society’s acceptance of such couples.

This isn’t the first speech in which Biden talked about biracial soap commercials to indicate that racism is no longer an issue. He made the same observation during a CNN town hall on February 19, 2021.

Perhaps this analogy is something he feels represents improvements in the US when it comes to racial tensions. But many people who heard the remarks disagreed. Based on a 2019 Pew Research Poll, 58% of all adults and 71% of Blacks feel race relations are generally bad, perhaps showing just how disconnected from the problem Biden really is.

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