Biden Made Mistake of Criticizing Trump’s Tax Cuts, Which Republicans Did Not Allow Him to Forget

Biden Made Mistake of Criticizing Trump's Tax Cuts, Which Republicans Did Not Allow Him to Forget

( – President Joe Biden briefly talked about taxes in his State of the Union speech on March 1. Instead of using the time to concentrate on how he would help everyday Americans at tax time going forward, he took an opportunity to lash out at the previous administration for tax cuts they set in place.

The president was quick to say former President Trump’s tax plan only benefited the wealthy, and Republicans jumped on the chance to boo his remarks. Biden spoke about child tax credits helping people avoid poverty and his desire to extend it. He called the current system unfair and reiterated Democratic talking points about the wealthy needing to pay their “fair share.”

Biden went on to say that Trump’s agenda led to low wages and economic growth while creating a huge wealth gap. He also blamed the former administration for adding excessively to the deficit and protecting only corporations and rich people.

The president said his plan would help average Americans and promised that despite his laundry list of freebies and high price tags on each bill, he’s pushing that no person making under $400,000 a year would see increased taxation.

While Biden didn’t say a lot about taxes, what he did speak about said a lot about him. Despite his failures with Build Back Better, it appears he is still harping on the same ideas, and Republicans in Congress aren’t impressed.

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