Biden Has Another Incident Boarding Air Force One

Biden Has Another Incident Boarding Air Force One

( – President Joe Biden has had a few stumbles while boarding Air Force One. The most recent incident happened on March 5. The waver came as the president made his way back to the White House from Alabama. Biden lost his balance while climbing the steps but managed to regain his footing and narrowly avoid falling.

This is the second time in the past two weeks that the president has nearly taken a fall after his incident in Warsaw, Poland, on February 22, while boarding Air Force One on his way back to the US from his trip to Eastern Europe to visit Ukraine and Poland. There is no apparent reason why the president stumbled on either occasion.

These incidents have sparked concerns among Republicans, who have raised questions about Biden’s physical and mental fitness for the presidency. However, the White House physician Kevin O’Connor, who examined the president in mid-February, declared that Biden is healthy for an 80-year-old male. The White House doctor said that Biden was fit to successfully fulfill his duties as the president of the United States.

Biden has had a few other near falls, with the most notable one occurring in March 2021, on the steps of Air Force One, where he stumbled multiple times. The White House cited gusty conditions as the cause of the incident. Additionally, in May 2022, the president lost his balance while climbing the steps to the plane before flying to Illinois, then again as he was on his way to Los Angeles to attend the Summit of the Americas.

Despite these falters, President Biden has shown resilience in getting back on his feet quickly and continuing with his duties. His latest stumble occurred after he visited Alabama to celebrate the 58th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” a march that took place during the civil rights era and resulted in authorities beating protestors with clubs and whips while subjecting them to tear gas. It is unclear whether the president will take any extra precautions in the future to avoid similar stumbles.

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