Biden Gets Awkward Again, This Time in Meeting With Brazilian President

( – Self-admitted gaffe machine President Joe Biden struck repeatedly during the week of September 18. One of the most visible awkward moments occurred on the world stage at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on September 20 when Biden failed to acknowledge Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Lula da Silva and Biden joined International Labor Organization Director-General Gilbert Houngbo to launch the Partnership for Workers’ Rights. Speaking first, the POTUS talked about his economic vision for building “from the middle out and the bottom up” to strengthen the working class, making the American economy more rugged overall. Brazil’s president followed the American leader. However, the president appeared to have difficulties with the headset he was using to hear Lula da Silva’s translated speech.

After the Brazilian president spoke, Houngbo rose, gave closing remarks, and thanked both men. He shook their hands in turn, and Lula da Silva clearly intended to shake Biden’s hand, but the POTUS gestured toward the audience before departing the stage away from the other two men. Some observers suggested the South American politician looked vaguely frustrated with his North American counterpart for leaving him hanging without an acknowledgment.

Sadly, this incident numbered among the first of Biden’s gaffes for the week. On Thursday, September 21, the president attended the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute 46th Annual Gala in Washington, DC. The caucus honored Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley Executive Director Sister Norma Pimental for her dedicated work with migrants and asylum-seekers. Unfortunately, while praising Pimental, the commander-in-chief referred to “The Congressional Black Caucus” as embodying the noble values of feeding the hungry, welcoming strangers, and caring for the ill.

The president still wasn’t done for the week. On Saturday, September 23, Biden addressed the Congressional Black Caucus. This time, the POTUS slaughtered the name of honoree LL Cool J, whom he called “LL J Cool J.” He immediately followed that blunder up with an even more egregious mistake when he referred to the African-American artist as a “boy,” a term that many Black people consider extremely derogatory and racist.

However, those are just the highlights from the week. The press corps can provide more examples. Even so, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre always seems to have explanations — or corrections, at the very least.

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