Biden Delivers ‘Unscheduled’ Speech With A Warning

Biden Delivers Unscheduled Speech on Threats to Democracy

Biden Delivers Unscheduled Speech on Threats to Democracy

( – On November 2, President Joe Biden delivered a speech at a Democratic National Committee (DNC) event. The administration had carefully chosen the location at Union Station because of its proximity to the Capitol building and the message the Commander in Chief wanted to convey. His words focused on warning Americans about an alleged attack on democracy occurring in the United States.

Biden began by talking about the attack on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband on October 28. He tied that into the January 6 Capitol incident, saying Pelosi’s attacker yelled something similar to the Capitol rioters’ tauntings — “Where’s Nancy?”

President Biden moved into what he called the “Big Lie.” He said misinformation about a stolen election “fueled” an alarming uptick in “political violence” in the US.

The leader made it no secret he blamed former President Donald Trump for questioning the 2020 election results, putting the union in a precarious position. He also singled out the “MAGA Republican Party,” declaring they are loyal only to the previous president rather than to their country.

Biden painted a picture of a country without a future if Republicans win at the polls on November 8. He said people shouldn’t vote for candidates who question election results, as they are the backbone of democracy. He encouraged Americans, instead, to use their votes to save the US.

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