Biden Allegedly Told Senator Kennedy Using Military Against Cartel Is A Bad Idea

Biden Allegedly Told Senator Kennedy Using Military Against Cartel Is Bad Idea

( – Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) has accused President Joe Biden of not caring about the Mexican drug cartels. Kennedy’s remarks come after a group of over a dozen Republicans sent a letter to President Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken in February asking them to formally designate Mexican cartels as international terrorist groups. Former Attorney General William Barr recently brought up the topic of employing the U.S. military to destroy Mexican drug cartels in an opinion piece published in The Wall Street Journal.

In an interview with “Fox News Sunday,” Kennedy said he agreed with the former Attorney General that the US military should work with the Mexican military to dismantle the cartels, who he said were “killing Americans on both sides of the border.” The Louisiana Republican claimed that Biden supports open borders despite the cartels’ disdain for human life. Kennedy conceded that Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador doesn’t like the idea of the American military working with his own to take on the criminal organizations.

While a Mexican cartel offered an apology on behalf of its members for killing two Americans in Matamoros after initially kidnapping four who crossed the U.S. border into Mexico, Kennedy remains critical of Biden’s response to the issue. He believes that American help should be welcomed in dealing with cartels that are killing innocent people and that the president’s opposition to the use of military force against them is misguided.

Despite the political divide, it’s clear that the issue of Mexican cartels remains a significant concern for Americans on both sides of the border. It remains to be seen how Biden will address this issue going forward, but it is evident that both Republicans and Democrats agree on the need to tackle the drug cartels’ influence and criminal activities.

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