Biden Admin’s Leaked Title 42 Plan Comes to Light

Biden Admin's Leaked Title 42 Plan Comes to Light

( – On April 1, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the end of Title 42 as of May 23. The concern with ending the measure has been the expected uptick of migrants crossing the southern border. A report from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) tells the story of the federal government’s intentions once Title 42 is gone.

The protection Title 42 offered helped keep large masses of illegal immigrants from crossing into and staying in the United States. So, what is in the report?

A Leaked Report

Secretary of DHS Security Alejandro Mayorkas created a plan that paints a stark picture of the situation as the Biden administration aims to allow the flow of people to freely enter the country.

Breitbart got a copy of the leaked report on April 4. In it, Mayorkas detailed how the Biden administration will handle the border once they lift Title 42, with alarming strategies that feel much like deja vu of the days before the firm and effective policy.

The secretary’s strategy includes ensuring illegal immigrants get the opportunity to apply for any type of protection once they enter the country. He also plans to limit deportations and keep people out of custody by creating more ways for them to easily seek release.

The plan talks about helping immigrants avoid detention using parole, which is a process that allows a person to stay in the US even if they wouldn’t otherwise qualify for a visa. The process has strict limitations, but the Biden administration seems to be ignoring the rules and using it as a free pass to allow as many immigrants in as possible.

It’s concerning the plan lacks any mention of the potential problems that come with mass immigration. There are valid concerns about increased competition for jobs and housing in an economy and market that is already shaky post-pandemic. Mayorkas addressed providing employment and accommodations for the immigrants, but not for displaced Americans.

A Focus on Humane Treatment

The whole procedure hinges on keeping the situation humane. The Biden administration sees the best strategy as following a catch-and-release policy, where illegals get to come into the country, fill out a few papers to set up court hearings for their immigration requests, and then freely live in the country while they await their court dates. Many people never show up to the hearings, but there are no reliable methods to track them down because officials released them.

The only hope for citizens who don’t want to see the country overrun by undocumented immigrants is the US Supreme Court’s upcoming case, Biden v. Texas, on April 26, when the justices will consider catch-and-release. Immigration law requires detention for anyone seeking asylum pending approval of their application. The idea behind Biden’s policy appears to be in direct violation of this law.

But the Court will make the final ruling, which could impact the administration’s plans after May 23.

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