Associated Press Unveils Strict Guidance On Use of “Grooming” and “Groomer”

Associated Press Unveils Strict Guidance On Use of

Associated Press Blacklists This Term…

( – The Associated Press (AP) Stylebook sets grammar and usage rules many journalists and other writers use. A recent update to the AP’s Transgender Coverage Topical Guide introduces many guidelines around the topic that the organization claims is to ensure communications use “accurate, sensitive, [and] unbiased language.” The new instructions leave questions about the possible influence their language may have on reporting overall.

In the changes, the AP notes that some wordsmiths use variations of “groom” to accuse LGBTQ+ individuals of being child abusers. For example, indicating that teaching children in schools about gender issues is “grooming” is wrong. The new guideline requests the writer who is using the term or its variants in this context to include that the statement is “untrue.”

The parameters also teach it is important to treat transgender individuals as their chosen genders. Writers should not attempt to qualify gender by saying a person “identifies” as a certain sex. Further, the text advocates for eliminating clarifying terms, such as “biological,” and tells journalists never to use a person’s birth name, just their new one, because the old moniker is considered a slur.

The AP style guide is important to members of the media and has a strong influence on reporting, so this new guidance, with a decisively left-leaning narrative, may impact what people read and see in the news. The Epoch Times reported there is evidence the book’s recommendations could help to further the political Left’s chosen vocabulary and push that agenda onto readers.

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