4 of Obama’s 5 Released Prisoners Now Leading the Taliban

4 of Obama's 5 Released Prisoners Now Leading the Taliban

(LibertySons.org) – In 2014, under the Obama Administration, the US released five Taliban prisoners in exchange for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. The American serviceman was a deserter who’d left his post and ended up a prisoner of war. The administration validated the exchange on the grounds it was to save an American life.

Republicans were highly critical at the time, saying this would serve as an incentive for terrorists to capture more Americans, and they feared future Americans might be hurt. In light of recent events in Afghanistan, the situation from years ago is once again in the spotlight.

On September 7, the Taliban announced its new leadership. The names were rather familiar as four of the five prisoners released by President Barack Obama are now in top positions within the organization. The fifth member of the group became the governor of the Khost province in August.

The four men appointed as leaders within the new government will serve as the Director of Intelligence, Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs, Minister of Information and Culture, and the Deputy Defense Minister. The Taliban claims they are only interim positions.

The news has drawn criticism as Americans remain in Afghanistan after President Joe Biden left them behind when withdrawing troops. While the White House estimates the number of abandoned is under 200 people, veteran-led rescue groups say the number is much higher.

Interestingly, Biden supported releasing five very dangerous terrorists in return for one American hostage back when he was Vice President. Still, he had no issues leaving behind hundreds of Americans, permanent residents, and allies when his agenda was to leave Afghanistan.

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